Jesus Cremoso - Queda​/​Control

by Jesus Cremoso

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A Mao Segura o Dissertativo
Fabula, Tecnologia ou Escritura


Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Bruno Urbano, AKA Jesus Cremoso, started making music as a teenager while in high school. That's when he noticed that, to make interesting sounds, one did not need to academically know music.
On the contrary, you could consider unexpected sounds which were not necessarily pleasing to the ears.
He would practice with his first band in between the apprehended, wrecked cars inside a police station in Heliopolis, one of the biggest favelas of Sao Paulo. From there he developed a particular taste for heavy music, getting his inspiration from bands such as Metalilca, Nirvana, Sepultura, and Dead Fish.
He recalls a time when the police chief pointed a gun at them while complaining that the music was too loud.
He was invited to join many “extreme metal” bands and the members would challenge him with different keyboards or synths to experiment.
As soon as he got his hands on a new instrument or pedal, he would immediately dismantle it, interfere in the circuits to modify its sounds, and create what turned to be his unique heavy, grizzly, dark sound.
Since 2014, Bruno is Jesus Cremoso, a solo project of experimentation, tech research and trials where he uses his DIY equipment to make noise, thus creating a dialogue in between him and the public about creative freedom.

Above it all, it is a project which overthrows the prejudices and musical aesthetics implanted throughout the history of music, and ultimately proposes a new look into what we define as 'music'.
His unique sound, his background, and his connection to the city of Sao Paulo, caught the attention of Iggor, one half of Mixhell and therefore one half of the Delayed label. Through a mutual friend, Iggor invited Bruno to tailor an EP. "Queda/Control" is an anarchist piece of music which deconstructs predictable melodies and harmonies creating a manifesto of noise design, visceral interferences and an environment of sonic vandalism.


releases February 15, 2019

All music composed by Bruno Urbano and Jefferson Peres


all rights reserved



Delayed Records London, UK

"Delayed is Iggor Cavalera and Laima Leyton's label. It is the place where they will share music they have discovered, music they believe in and music they've produced through out the years. It's special flavour comes from travel and friendship where they have been collecting music from Europe, South America and Africa mixed to their electronic and rock background Welcome to Delayed." ... more

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